Modern Construction with Durable & Functional Field Gate Fittings

We believe to serve our patrons with quality and durability; this reflects in our top-notch products used in heavy-duty jobs such as in farm, field or driveway gates. The material we use is driven through a process which turns steel into hot spelter galvanized steel that prevents the product against rust or corrosion. The purpose of galvanized iron is to provide long-lasting support to the gates. Being as one of the leading gate hardware manufacturers in India, we take of your investment and also protect your space by our super durable field gate fittings.

We design the products which are totally anti-theft and protect the premise from any mishap.  We avail any kind of size depending on client’s requirements. You have a wonderful option to choose a particular part or in a set. For instance, you may prefer to choose nuts or strong adjustable gate hinge set.

Field gate fitting manufactured at Samirika not only protect but also create ease with its multi-functionalities. Resultantly, our field gate fittings complement the entire structure with its durability and functionalities. Besides, you may also won gate window accessories to complement your interior hardware. Moreover, you may own customer delight by providing them quality stainless handles too.