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Samrika Exports has been carving various milestones and achieving numerous goals in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of finest, durable, trendy, and quality builder’s hardware products for last three decades almost. Satisfying modern requirements of our dear patrons along with their delight, every person in our workforce is responsible and skilled enough to enable the organization to lead not only in India but also overseas. Organization is completely based on quality, assurance, and customer care.

We manufacture products with quality material such as Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, mild Steel, Brass and Aluminium. From Bolts and Screws to Door Window Holders, from brackets and latches to Fencings, from Handles to Knobs and Pulls, we serve best of our services through these trendy and robust products for building your foundation strongly and decorating interior magnificently. We have also started raising our capacity more into manufacturing stainless steel. Going through more categories of stainless steel, we have a widespread hub of its products also. We believe to deal with transparent business policies, providing international quality products with reliability and assurance.

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Business since 1992

Carrying an extensive experience of more than 25 years, we have been combating to competition with our profound working strategies and skilled workforce. Understanding every basic of the market, we have been fulfilling each & every expectation of consumers with our quality products and satisfactory customer care.

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Earned through long victorious journey

Experts at Samirika are enough trained and proficient to create unparalleled products for satisfying clients from their every perspective. We manufacture those innovations which are always found more than client’s expectation, and also deliver it them timely. We design one of the most innovative builder hardware products.

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Brilliance of elegance

We believe to cater our clients with finest, trendy, robust, innovative, durable builder interior & exterior hardware products. Mesmerizing modern designs and patterns are manufactured to complement modern spaces. We are much passionate to nurturing our love for creating most eye-catching products.



Samir Aggarwal, the Chairman of Samirika Exports, founded the company in 1992. He comes from a modest close knit family giving utmost importance to personal integrity. He completed his Graduation in Law but decided to become a businessman by profession.

His strong vision for the company, well complemented by his dedicated efforts propelled the company to success soon after its inception. Today, Samirika Exports boasts an enviable customer base from across the globe and a strong high-tech infrastructure capable for meeting any volume of a commodity.

Samir Aggarwal has laid clear objectives for the company. Customer satisfaction and Quality products being at the forefront of this initiative. He aims to instill a feeling of independence among his employees and workforce, and values every individual’s opinion/feedback.

He believes in healthy competition and understands the necessity to be aggressive to combat this competition in the market.

In this rapidly changing albeit challenging business environment, Samir Aggarwal has recognized the importance of change and is therefore dedicated to introducing newer technologies to launch newer products to reach out a wider customer base.

Samir Aggarwal sees an aspiring entrepreneur in his son Sahil Aggarwal, who is a qualified Engineer from University of Warwick (UK) and has also completed a Master’s in Business Management from the London School of Economics. Sahil Aggarwal is a young and energetic person with a broad vision. He looks up to his father for inspiration. He has very recently decided to join hands with his father and wishes to emulate his success in the coming years and ensure that the company excels to be the leader in this field.


Consistency has been a hallmark of our performance over the years, which is also paramount for success in business milieu. The company has an efficient workforce consisting of high performance achievers who believe in teamwork and camaraderie.

We have achieved certificates of registration & recognition. The company has been registered with ISO registration by quality management system and recognized with certificate of ONE STAR Export House by Govt. of India (directorate general of foreign trade) respectively.

The company has also been awarded over the years to acknowledge its excellence in exports.

With the constant growth in world trade, we are witnessing a shift in price competition to the concept of quality competition such that only the fittest will survive. Therefore, the company is devoted to introduce newer methods and technologies to adapt to this change and assure its customers of the highest quality in its products.