Premium Aluminum Builder Hardware with Satin Matte

We have a wide range of flexible aluminum products to assist when you require quality builder hardware products such as door stopper, hooks, rails, latches, tower bolt, door handles, hangers, letter plate, handrail, fastener and many more. We apply satin matt finish to evoke the modern outlook through the interior. The satin matte looks elicit a classy touch to the overall interior. At Samirika, there is a wide range of aluminum hooks along with aluminum door handles and aluminum door window holders. You have multiple options to choose from.

What Keeps On Forefront!

Buyers who are in the search of simple or ornamental and single or double coat & hat hooks may easily own best product designs as per their requirement or desire since we avail a large number of aluminum hooks handrail and door handles. Our wide range aluminum product production tags us one of the leading aluminum hardware manufacturers in the Indian market. Consequently, it turns us more reliable and responsible exporter in the international market.