Interior Ease & Decoration

There are various designs and finishes in our bracket range that makes more options for you to choose from. The material used is properly galvanized to evoke anti-rust or corrosion free brackets which would increase the period of support and double your investment also. There are also various kinds of latches, catches and hasp & staples for your support or decorative perspective. This variety strengthens us to be known as reliable, responsible, and advanced door latches manufacturer, therefore, it tags us one of the leading gate latch exporters in India.

Features and Functions

Some of the latches are designed for the purpose of attaching to the back of a lock cylinder and rotate to restrict the movement of the door. There are also rotary latches which are designed with one or more rotating members. You may also own latches for allowing doors, drawers, or cabinets to be pushed or slammed closed. You may also pull surfaces together and hold them closed through the some of the latches manufactured at Samirika. The hinged metal straps at Samirika are usually secured by a padlock or pin.

A Big Basket

Here are our wide range latches, catches, and hinges and staples are European gate latches, lockable gate latches, surface gate latches, twisted, ornamental, and plain ring handle latches, antique large heavy duty latches, heavy and medium auto gate latches, fan light catches, kenham automatic gate catches, light, heavy and ornamental Suffolk latches, medium and heavy vertical hasp & staples and many more. You may deal for wholesale brackets also. We are also a aluminum hardware manufacturer so that you may fix wholesale deal for every builder hardware products from one place therefore, you may save time along with money.